Media intellectual: a shift in scholarship?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Slovenian philosopher and intellectual provocateur, Slavoj Žižek, is perhaps the most controversial yet popular public intellectual in the world.  Called “the world’s hippest philosopher” and a “media intellectual” in today’s Telegraph, Žižek is a cross between guru and gadfly, sage and showman, a contemporary public intellectual whose important work is mostly performed in public, via the various media. His  ‘live’ performance of philosophy teaching, go well beyond the static page and are not limited only to the  screen, or blog but also happen in packed open to the public seminars and are published in a variety of internet sources, such as YouTube and social networks.  Žižek’s combining of radicality and accessibility through the strategic use of interviews and public performances as popular media vehicles for the dissemination of his thought and the popularity and renown he has earned through this, indicates, to my mind, a shift in scholarship in at least some fields of the humanities, not only merely from print to digital but all the way to all available online media formats.  Like Socrates on the agora,  Žižek distributes his thought on the Internet bypassing paywalled Blackboards and other such. His case is the proof that the relationship between the free social media for mass knowledge distribution and scholarship does exist.  What effects does and will it have on academia, the univerasality of education? What effects does it have on libraries? How do we respond to this?


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  1. Barb M

    Very interesting question. Is Zizek’s teaching via popular media a scholarly endeavor or is he doing it just as regular person expressing his opinions? What is the line here?

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